I graduated in 1983 at the Faculty of Economics of Bologna University with a mark of 110/110.
After few years of collaboration with Barbieri and Associates ( and IDSC Srl, I qualified as Chartered Accountant.

I started my own business in 1986 and I am  currently registered with the Association of Chartered Accountants at the District Court of Rovigo.

I am also working as Registered Auditor (Mef Register) since 1994, so I deal with statutory audit in public institutions and companies.

Besides I take care of bankruptcy proceedings, on appointment of the competent Court.

I worked as a management consultant for a few consulting firms.

After many years of professional activity I gained a significant experience dealing with commercial and industrial issues, working with entrepreneurs and managers to solve different kind of problems.
With people, who represent the most important factor in the business, I developed cooperation and friendship marked by mutual fairness and loyalty.


In addition to the collaborators, we can count on an important network of contacts and relationships with colleagues and professionals in other disciplines, developed over years of activity.

This is very important because teamwork is absolutely necessary to produce synergies, to ensure the presence of different skills and capabilities, to solve problems. And that is the reason why we are able to provide the entrepreneurs the best guarantee for the planned actions and plans.